Loud and Compact: SABRE 120 dB Wedge Door Stop Alarm for Home, Travel, and Dorm Safety


Price: $14.99 - $13.25
(as of Aug 17,2023 19:46:08 UTC – Details)

A burglary occurs every 14.5 seconds in the U.S., and budget cuts have led to an average 911 response time of 10 minutes. Furthermore, without the ability to install a home security system, renters and travelers can have a hard time feeling secure in their temporary housing. SABRE’s Door Stop Alarm is a great solution to either help fortify an existing home alarm system or use on its own in a bedroom, dorm, hotel room or apartment. The extremely 120dB loud alarm is audible up to 1,500-feet (455-meters) away and sounds when door pressure is applied. It is compatible with doors that have a 0.75″ gap between the floor and bottom of door (if the gap is greater, the alarm will not be able to activate when the door is opened). The alarm is coupled with a non-skid pad to prevent the door from opening. This attractive, premium white alarm installs easily in just seconds – simply slide it under the crack of an inward-swinging door. There’s no wiring needed, so the alarm works during power outages. Requires 1x9V battery (not included). A small Philips Head #1 size screwdriver is required to remove battery compartment cover. For an extra level of security, the Door Stop Alarm provides a battery status update via a low battery indicator. The Door Stop Alarm was developed by SABRE, the #1 pepper spray brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide, meaning this product is extremely reliable. Backed by over 45 years in the security industry, SABRE products are ISO 9001:2015 certified and must pass rigorous quality assurance testing before leaving our facilities to give you peace of mind. Improve your home security today.


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